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Pregnancy Massage

Nicole is specially trained and certified in pregnancy massage as a Nurturing the Mother Massage Therapist.  This session will provide thorough work with focus in areas that need extra attention during pregnancy.  Pressure can be light or firm with passive stretches, and you will be given proper support with fluffy pillows, making you feel relaxed and nurtured.

Massage is typically safe at all stages of pregnancy, as long as the therapist is trained and certified.

90 minutes is not required for this session, but is highly recommended to get the most benefit.

60 minutes- $70 90 minutes-$90

Post Partum Massage

Post Partum Massage is done soon after birth (as soon as day 3, depending on your delivery) to provide relief for your renewing body.  Gentle work is done on the hips and in the abdomen to encourage normal function, as well as full body massage for general relaxation or pain relief.  


Massage is best done as a home visit to fit into your new schedule and keep you close to your baby in those first days. 

60 minutes- $70 90 minutes-$90 120 minutes-$110 Added fee for home visits (recommended)

Custom Massage

Receive a massage tailored specifically to your needs.  This may include focused work in a specific area, long, relaxing strokes, gentle stretches, deep tissue work, or a combination of massage types.  Nicole will discuss your goal for the session to give a custom massage to maintain your comfort level and create the best outcome for you. 

60 minutes- $70 90 minutes-$90 120 minutes-$110

15-Minute Face, Scalp, or Foot Massage

Add this to the end of a full massage or book as a stand-alone treatment.

Add on to massage- $10 Stand alone service-$20

Sinus Pressure Massage

Find some relief from sinus pressure or with this specialized treatment.  Service includes work on specific sinus pressure points, relieving massage in face, scalp, neck and shoulders, as well as techniques to help open up the sinus space, as well as increase drainage.  This service also includes the use of either eucalyptus or peppermint oils, eye pillow, and cool face stones. 

This service takes 30 minutes and can be booked as a stand alone service or added to a regular massage service.


Baby Massage Basics (One-on-One Instruction for Parents)

Learn the basics of baby massage in a quick 30 minute session.  You will learn simple strokes, ways to recognize your baby's cues (how they tell you if they are engaged or not), and benefits of baby massage.


Pediatric Massage

Pediatric Massage is often different than a grownup massage.  Sessions may include stories, songs, games, toys and can be done seated or lying down.

Children can benefit from massage for many problems including:

  • Constipation

  • Low Muscle Tone (muscles that are floppy or underdeveloped)

  • Tense Muscles

  • Stress/Anxiety

  • Congestion

  • Growing Pains

Sessions run 30 minutes.


Touch Therapy for Children with Autism

This service is similar to a pediatric massage session, but tailored to meet the specific needs of a child on the Autism spectrum. 


Benefits may include:

  • Tactile (touch) stimulation

  • Improved interpretation of sensory input

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Improved social behavior

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Relief of constipation

  • And much more...


Sessions run 30 minutes.

Sessions can often be a great adjunct to other therapies your child uses.


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