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Post Partum Massage

Childbirth and the following days, weeks, and even months are full of change and can be tiring to your body and your mind.  Childbirth can be a workout, and you may feel sore and tired.  Your body is trying to settle into its new normal.  Your shoulders may be tight from holding and feeding, and your arms are adjusting to cradling your little cutie.  Getting to know your little one is such a joy, but can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and depleted.

Post partum massage addresses these things.  If you are fairly early in the post partum period, heat is applied to your sacrum (the middle of your hips, just above your tailbone).  This helps to soothe any soreness and relax that area as your pelvis adjusts to not supporting a baby, anymore.  Strokes are slow and calming and special attention is given to any areas of specific discomfort.  

Depending on your delivery, you can receive massage as soon as 3 days post partum.  Massage helps support your body as everything realigns, helps you sleep better, and has been shown to reduce post partum depression and anxiety.

Nicole's hope is that you will leave your massage feeling nurtured and relaxed to better enjoy the ones you love.

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