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Sleeping Baby

Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby massage has many benefits for both baby and caregiver.


Benefits for Baby:


  • Builds trust and closeness

  • Allows for communication (verbal & non-verbal) with caregiver

  • Aids sleeping patterns

  • Promotes weight gain

  • Improves neurological development

  • Helps improve sensory awareness

  • Stimulates the body’s systems (respiratory, circulatory, immune, nervous, digestive, lymphatic, hormonal, limbic)

  • Can relieve tummy discomforts (gas/constipation)

  • May reduce colic & reflux

  • May provide relief from teething pain

  • Helps reduce cortisol production (stress hormone)

  • Helps Baby tolerate stress better

  • Can give emotional relief

  • Soothes Baby

  • Relieves muscle tension

  • Can increase muscle tone

  • Aids in toning the digestive tract

  • Helps to increase movement of fecal matter for elimination

  • Benefits blood circulation, digestion, and balance

  • Enhances cardiac & respiratory output



Benefits for Caregiver:


  • Provides a meaningful, focused activity for you & Baby

  • Builds trust, closeness, and respect for the baby

  • Helps you learn Baby’s cues and allows you to be more “in sync” with your baby

  • Releases nurturing and feel good hormones

  • Relieves stress for caregiver

  • As baby sleeps more, you can too

  • Allows for improved communication with Baby

  • Provides you with tools to help Baby feel better and meet more of his/her needs

  • Gives you an active role in baby’s development




Interested in taking a baby massage class?  Click here!

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