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What to Expect During Your Session

Thinking of booking a massage, but not sure what to expect? I get it. I don't like uncertainty, either. So, let me walk you through it.


Before your massage, you will fill out some paperwork detailing any relevant health information, injuries, medications, and goals for your massage. This is not because I'm trying to be nosy. This paperwork lets me know if I need to adjust the massage in any way. In a few cases, it may mean it will better serve you if I refer you to someone more specialized in a specific area, or we may need to wait until a condition resolves before you get your massage.

I will look over your paperwork and ask about anything that needs further clarification. I will talk to you about what you specifically want me to work on, as some clients come to me with a specific discomfort or seeking stress relief. Others come for general well-being and the many benefits of massage. I want to know what you are hoping to achieve, so that we can work toward that.

Undress to Your Level of Comfort

Once we are done discussing your expectations, I will step out and wash my hands. At this point, you will need to lay down on the massage table. Many massage therapists will tell you to "undress to your level of comfort," but what does that mean? Well, it means just that. Want to only wear your birthday suit? Fine. Feel more comfortable leaving your underwear on? Sure. Don't want to take anything off? You don't have to. It truly doesn't matter. Anything sensitive will be covered (called draping). As a matter of fact, TN state law requires that any area I am not working on must be covered, and learning appropriate ways to keep everything covered is part of massage school education.

Also, PLEASE don't be self conscious about your body. I have clients of all different body types and it doesn't matter to me which type you have. I don't care if you haven't shaved (remember ladies, I work on men with much hairier legs, too). I don't care if you feel overweight. I don't care if you are breastfeeding and end up leaking a little bit of milk (I wash the sheets, anyway). What I do care about, is that you feel comfortable and safe.

Once you have undressed to your level of comfort, you will lay down on the massage table and pull the covers up to your shoulders. I will give you a couple of minutes to do this and will knock before I come in to make sure you are ready.


Each massage is different and tailored to the client's needs and comfort. I always want a client to let me know if something is uncomfortable. If you need more or less pressure, or change your mind and want me to work on something different, just let me know. It's not going to hurt my feelings. This is my job. I don't want you to leave feeling unhappy, and I definitely don't want you to waste your money because you didn't speak up.

Just relax and enjoy your massage. Talk if you want, enjoy the quiet, or even let yourself take a little snooze.

Post Massage Consult

After the massage is over, I will step out and let you get dressed. I will talk to you about what I noticed during the massage and my recommendations moving forward. I will let you know when I think you should come back and anything you can do at home to help in between massages. I will remind you to drink water (always drink a lot of water following a massage), schedule your next appointment, if you choose to book again, and take your payment.

That's it! After that, you get to finish your day feeling amazing and tell all your friends about what a great massage you had!


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